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Gerald Wodkins loves helping people.

Wodkins started in the insurance industry in 2000 in Macon, GA. Young and newly married, he took a job at a Geico call center to help support his growing family. He was dedicated to helping his clients get the best coverage for their unique situation. He recalls, "I always prided myself on taking the opportunity to really dive deep and help people to really look at the whole picture.” Wodkins worked with Geico for 15 years before taking a brief break from insurance.

In August 2021, Wodkins began working with American National. He now offers an array of insurance products and services and plans to focus on helping small businesses.

Wodkins is the father of three boys, aged 20, 17, and 15. He hopes his two younger sons will go into the family business, but he says they may have other ideas. Wodkins and his family are Jehovah’s Witnesses and very involved in their congregation.

In his free time, Wodkins enjoys singing around the house or in the car. "I probably drive my wife nuts,” he says. “I have a little tune for everything.” He also enjoys playing videogames, including Final Fantasy, EVE Online, and World of Warcraft.

Wodkins found NAIFA through the NAIFA Advisor Ambassador Program. He was impressed with the wealth of information the program provided, as well as the opportunity to speak with other agents and learn from their wisdom. The decision to join NAIFA was an easy one. “It only made sense to learn from people who are much more experienced in the industry than me,” he says.

Wodkins is excited to see how the industry will adapt and innovate in the post-pandemic world. “That's the great thing about the insurance industry,” he begins. “When things like this happen, we’re able to adapt to that and sometimes find an even better way to take care of our customers, which is always the most important thing. It’s not about money; it’s about protecting people.”

Thank you, Gerald Wodkins, for your service to our industry and association. We’re #NAIFAproud to call you one of our own.